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Healing Hands - Group
Sat Oct 10 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM

Healing Hands - Group
Sat Nov 14 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM

Healing Hands - Group
Sat Dec 12 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM


Our home, retreat, and art studio is located 9.5 miles south of Custer on Hwy 385.

25991 Hwy 385, Custer, SD

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Isa Kirk



Rainbow Kit

This kit consisting of 7 individual flower essences in ½ oz stock bottles and is intended to assist in balancing our 7 main Chakras or energy portals between our energy bodies and our physical body. They are often imaged as colored rotating discs. When out of synchronicity due to an emotional, mental or physical disturbance, the corresponding essence can bring the Chakra back to balance, and with it ease any discomfort caused by it. Chakra Essences are very helpful before and after meditations, prayers, yoga, marshal arts or any other physical activity during which we can relax and come to our spiritual center. A couple of drops under the tongue, on neck or forehead. Healers and Reiki practitioners may also put them on their own hand and wrist Chakra pools before a healing session or directly in the Chakra area of a patient that calls for healing.

This kit contains a laminated "Quick Reference Card" with a brief description of the essences and the Chakra, they correspond with most:

1. Root - Elephant Rock Spring Water - Grounding

2. Sacral/ Spleen - Common Yarrow – Power/Passion

3. Solar Plexus - Mullein – Emotional Center

4. Heart – Chokecherry – Love, Compassion

5. Throat - Golden Willow – Will, Speech

6. Third Eye - Dame’s Rocket – Inner Vision, Clarity

7. Crown - Black Hills Spruce Tree – Divine Inspiration

This kit can be of assistance to anyone working with groups of any kind, to healers and holistic practitioners, but also doctors in clinics; for the people working in animal shelters or charities at home or in foreign countries, people that spend a lot of their time in the public eye or surrounded by many people – in any situation that can throw the person out of balance emotionally due to own fears and concerns, but also due to the influence of emotions of other people involved. It stabilizes the auric field, protects from outer influences and since we are all closely interconnected on the energetic levels on the planet, our auras are constantly more or less effected by everyone else.



You are an incredible woman, Isa! I feel the connection you have with spirit increasing each day as you continue your journey. I am so glad that our paths have crossed - Mary Gabriel, FL

Interesting perspective, never heard of flower essences. I do admire your calm spirit. You are certainly a most special person - Chad Lewis, CO

Scott told me stories of when he first met you while doing fairs. He said you were one of the few that he would get readings from because you were clear and you told it how it was. He was very impressed with your intuition and gifts - Mary Gabriel, FL

That was a most uplifting reading you gave me and I don't think that I have ever had one as happy and uplifting as that - Linsey Mclean, SD

I remember Isa doing healing sessions on me in Germany more than 16 years ago and never will forget that. It was the best experience ever - Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg, AZ

I felt very relaxed after the healing and slept very very well that night - Linsey McLean, SD

Danke, Isa. Also, thanks for the reading yesterday, wow, is all I can say - Judi Joba, SD

Thank you Isa for being such a wonderful friend and for all you have done! - Sassia, AZ

Hi Isa, thank you for the reading - it was accurate as the situation stands. - Elena

Hello, I had a very happy and uplifting reading that really made my day! - Christine

absolutely wonderful reading - Deanna

I am an energy worker and healer, so I can appreciate her assistance as we all need it regardless of what we do.- Amy

You were right on about the dog. I had no idea - my brother had just thrown that question my way with no explanation. I got the explanation late last night - very much a confirmation of your reading. - Kayte, SD

This was one of the best readings I have ever had! Isa you were on with every thought and feeling i have been having. thank-you so much! I will definitely call back...Jacquie