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Black Hills Flower Essences:


Dr. Edward Bach was the first in modern times to describe a number of flowers and their healing gifts when only the vibratory, holografic copy of the spiritual essence and nothing of their physical components are used. He considered them to be plants of a “higher spiritual order”, their essence therefore as well being of a higher dimensional order, able to balance the variations of mental, emotional and spiritual disturbances in humans and animals.


Meanwhile it is understood that all plants contain healing energy and essences of many more flowers, other plants, gems, stars and more have been described and produced all over the world, in high quality and purity. As we allow it, they can open our inner doors to the soul's unlimited knowledge and memories, hidden and (almost) forgotten and move us forward towards the light and joy of remembering who we truly are -  creative masters, gifted by   I AM - God - Goddess - All That Is   with divine, unconditional Love with Free Will.

Creating Black Hills Flower Essences:

While recouperating from cancer treatment in 2006, I often went hiking in the forests and meadows in and around our ranch. Having worked with and used Bach Essences for myself, other people and animals for over 2 decades and experienced their incredible healing potential, I began to dream and envision creating flower essences, unique to the Black Hills. Unique, not because these flowers may not grow anywhere else, but because the location and energy of a place adds to the specific aspects and healing energy of each flower. In 2010 and 2011, I started the process of carefully collecting the first flowers according to the well described sun/moon method (Dr. Bach), utilizing zodiac, lunar and other bio-rythems, botanical books and many other resources available to me. To describe the higher dimensional healing aspects of each flower I combined my botanical knowledge, observation skills and most of all, my intuition and inner senses. Then I integrate the new essences into my repertoir and with each client the information about an essence and its specific character grows. I test my essences not with my memory or mind but entirely intuitively with the assistance of devining rods or pendulums. This way I can access my much larger sub conscious or higher self knowledge and am not dependent on my limited memory or mind perception.

Healing with Black Hills Flower Essences:

Flower Essences operate on the emotional-spiritual vibrational levels of our body, bringing clarity to and deep understanding of our emotions, which in turn are partly responsible for symptoms and diseases in our physical body and mind.Water servs as the carrier element for flower essences as well as our emotions. Essences are assisting in, among others, cases of trauma, stress or shock related negative behavior patterns and their physical expressions, such as night mares, unexplainable sudden sadness, lack of interest in daily life, the inability to deal with loss, abandonment or change in environment and other life’s unforeseen events. They often can assist to change emotional eating habits, heal allergies, and other physical ailments, allow for better sleep, attention span and overall energy. Flower Essences assist us to remember who we truly are and encourage a deeper understandingof the connection to GOD within. Essences resonate where spirit embraces religion and takes everything to a higher level.

Your Personal Flower Essence Blend:

Next to my knowledge of each essence, by using a pendulum or divining rod, I allow my higher conscious knowledge to bring forth the most appropriate blend for you at this time. Due to the universal laws of attraction and free will, subconscious traumas are never brought to the surface of consciousness, unless it is in agreement and harmony with the receiver as well as practitioner soul’s life plan to let go of them at this particular moment in life.


Flower Essences are very stable. Electronics, refrigeration, computer, TV etc, do not alter the energy. The personal blends are made with distilled water, preserved with a homeopathic dilution (D3) of naturally in the Black Hills occurring, alkaline Willard Water without containing any additional physical components or preservatives.

Suggested Dosage

Like with homeopathic remedies, a few drops taken several times during the day is always more effective than taking a lot of drops once a day. The energy is the same in each drop of water and does not increase by taking more drops. The frequency of the impulse to heal, that is the more often drops are taken, is the key factor to improving a situation.

General application: 1-2 drops of each selected flower essence is added to the blend bottle. 2-4 drops of this personal Flower Essence blend are best being taken twice a day for 28 days, unless otherwise advised during the consultation.

Essence blends are safe to be ingested by children, animals and plants. Reactions have been described as very gentle physical, mental and emotional cleansing effects – feeling lighter, happier and energized, a sense of freedom to move forward, as the body and mind flushes out the negative “waste”. It is recommended to drink a lot of water to allow kidneys and liver to deal more efficient with this process.

As the “cleansing” progresses, additional or different flower essences may address the next, deeper levels of dis-harmonies. The process can be repeated several times, interrupted as well as continued as needed without interfering with other methods of therapy or medications.

Use in Children, Animals and Plants:

Flower Essences are very gentle healers and work especially well in children, animals and even plants.

Traumatized animals often respond very fast when negatively effected by stressful situations, such as abandonment and relocation, parasites, and other diseases. The use is often especially effective and obvious in shelter animals.

The flowers higher energy vibrations encourage change to come easy, are uplifting and allowthe person or animal to smoothly move forward on their life path.

Flower Essences have NO adverse side effects!


Important note: All information on this website is for educational purposes only. In no way is anything here intended to suggest that it is a substitute for proper medical care or good common sense. While Chakra Energy Healing, Flower Essence Therapy and other wholistic healing approaches have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, I, Isa Kirk am not a licensed health professional and offer my services as intuitive practitioner. I do not claim to diagnose or treat any illness.

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