Grapevine TX Restaurants – Eat Some Great Meals

The best restaurants in Grapevine TX are waiting for you, and it’s time to take a look at some of the names. I’ve covered quite a few places already, and now it’s time to take a closer look at which restaurants are in the city that you might want to enjoy. Here’s to having some of the best food that Grapevine TX has to offer.

Glass Cactus doesn’t just feature some of the best food but also a large dance floor. It is known as a wonderful sports bar, and it’s overlooking Grapevine Lake. Go dancing, enjoy some appetizers and just great food in general and relax with your group. Glass Cactus is a great place to hang out, and you will find it at 1501 Gaylord Trail.

This next place is one of the restaurants you might want to visit in order to eat some delicious ribs. Located at 1720 State Highway 26, Baker’s Ribs is a wonderful place to go in order to eat barbecue. The place is also known for fried dessert pies, and you have different flavors to choose from. Plus, there is peach cobbler, too. Are you up for a rib platter or a meat platter in general?

Blue Goose Cantina is a unique dining establishment that is waiting for you in Grapevine TX. Located at 2455 East Grapevine Mills Circle, Blue Goose Cantina is known for its hatch chili, frozen margaritas, chicken enchiladas and more. Do you like hatch chili? Maybe you’ve heard of that hatch chili fest that is held in the area. It’s a great Mexican restaurant that would make for a nice visit if you are looking for an excellent lunch or dinner in Grapevine.

Cotton Patch Cafe is a great place, too, and its location is 129 South Main Street. One of the top dishes there is chicken and dumplings, and you can also order up fried green tomatoes, steak and other wonderful dishes. You’re talking about some delicious southern cooking, and if that sounds like a plan, stop on by the Cotton Patch Cafe.

You’re going to find quite a few other great restaurants if you look around enough. You might not want to skip over the places mentioned, however, as they are some of the top places in the city. One thing for sure is you’re going to be eating some great meals as you make your way around Grapevine TX.