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Isa Kirk

Soul Gifts from the Future

April 2012

mountain blue bird 3-8-2012-4A word from the ranch: Spring has arrived in the Black Hills very early this year and absolutely beautiful. The first crocus are blooming, our pair of Canada Geese, which have been returning faithfully for several years, have started to nest last Friday (full moon) on the island in our pond, accompanied by a pair of wild ducks. 2 winters ago Jack drove out to the island and made it higher and bigger after a spring flood the year before swept the goose nest and eggs away and he is happy they feel safe there again. The first mountain blue birds showed up in mid March and have since paired up, the robins and cow birds are just as busy and the great horn owls announced their presence in the ancient pine trees behind the house. The deer families have returned to our yard hence I get to purchase Deer Off so we can enjoy the tulips and iris, which are showing their spring green everywhere in the rock garden in front of the house. The winter horse pasture is harrowed and ready for potential buyers and so is our big covered arena, all cleaned up.

This is the first spring since I came to the US in 1995 that Jack and I are actually not behind on spring work and can enjoy watching nature come to life once again and are making plans for a vegetable garden behind the house.

Life has become peaceful and quiet, no rushing to get ready for tourist season, no hurry to get the horses ready for the summer riding season, no worry about where and how finances will come in – faith that all things are in the perfect place at any given time even though we may not be able to see it quite yet, has brought a wonderful atmosphere of relaxation into our home which neither Jack nor I had known before.

mustangs march 18 2012-3Our morning routine starts with Tibetan Rites (yoga), a cup of hot rooibos chai tea and a good CD with channeled wisdom from our dear friend Molly. Then we either drive or walk up to a place we call “Touch The Stars”, a 67 acre pasture, completely surrounded by National Forest, and currently hosting our 6 Spanish Mustang geldings. After making sure everyone is happy and healthy, Rusty, our dog and I enjoyed the unusually warm spring weather sitting underneath a tree for a while, before walking the little over a mile long path back to the house. Once in a while Jack comes along, but normally he is already off to work on his thinning and landscaping project or finding and cutting bug trees, which seem to be more abundant and everywhere this year. Together with a dry spring the fire danger is up and everyone in the Black Hills is already on high alert. While cleaning the hill behind the house from high brush he rediscovered an entire hill side with ancient old growth pine trees and a stone castle built by his children many years ago – a great place to meet the Ancient Ones and learn from their wisdom.

My days are filled with house work and Tarot Readings either over phone, Skype or in person as well as planning for holistic fairs in surrounding towns and day seminars here at home –dates and information is / will be posted in detail in our web site

ftLast month offered the excitement of getting out and about for the first time after winter, as I participated in 2 holistic fairs, one in Ft. Collins, CO and one in Casper, WY with wonderful warm weather making the journeys a pleasure. During both fairs I was very busy with readings and preparing personal flower essence blends – the questions asked seem to shift now to the more deep and important things in live, such as health and love, where we are going from here, what the shifts mean, who we are etc and away from the pure ego driven relationship/money oriented ones which had dominated previous readings so often. I was grateful for Jack’s company in Ft. Collins, the 6-hour drive is quite long and tiring for me so early in the morning and late at night. For Jack it came as a gift to himself for his 74th birthday and he enjoyed revisiting his old college town, remembering the old days and how different it felt now. Saturday evening we enjoyed a delicious vegan meal at a little restaurant called “Tasty Harmony” and we both wished there was something like it closer to home.

April will bring another fair, this time closer in Rapid City on April 28/29th, followed by a gallery with Bobby Marchesso here at our place on May 2nd, and a first day long seminar “Healing Hands” on May 26th, where we explore the methods of energy healing I had the pleasure to experience and learn so many years ago in Germany from a very wise old lady, Diana, a member of the Spiritual Healers of England.

Have a wonderful April everyone and hope to see you soon in person here at our emerging Spiritual Healing Retreat at Plenty Star Ranch.

Archangel Gabriel:

Nurture. As you nurture a child, you mature your inner child. Both activities are important for you right now. You are teaching what you need to learn, so pay particular attention to the messages you deliver to children and their parents. Know that those messages are for you as well. Take time to play, laugh, and to be silly and carefree. Nurture your inner child with as much love and attention as possible. I will play with you in joy and keep you and the children safe.

moon phasesIn The Beginning Was Awareness:

Sensing, watching, experiencing is the key to many things in nature, which we in our physical bodies, are a part of. Science cannot unveil all harmonies and rythms– at least not with its restricted, still very crude and primitive methods and from the arrogant viewpoint, that nothing exists, that has not been proven by them.

The ancient ways of watching and living in accordance with nature and its natural rhythms is what our life and well being in a physical body on planet Earth is based and dependent on. This amazing work of divine art, our human body, was in fact never made or intended to age or die – it must have been something we thought and attempted to proof. And yes, each and everyone of our thoughts, intentions, passions, fears, angers and worries determine every minute of our life, every step we make, every event that happens in our personal world, whether we consciously know it or not. The law of attraction is never sleeping and always neutral – what you feel is what you create, so choose wisely what you dwell on as more of the same is undoubtedly coming your way, and quicker now in these final days of the old order than ever before.

Love is the all encompassing, driving force here on Earth and in all of the Universe. All starts with a fundamental love for the divine soul you are. As you cannot change or carry another person, the only one you can truly change is yourself. As you change, everything and everyone in your personal world will shift as well, some more visible than others, not because you made it so, but because you allowed it to happen day by day, influencing everything like the ripples in water spreading out from the pebble, which hit the surface. You are able to toss the pebble, to be the pebble and so is everyone else. All is connected and that is why all natural forces work in harmony. whether you know it or not.

We, in our search for scientific explanations, forgot our own belonging into these rhythms, we condemned them into the realm of myth as over time our mind /ego, greed and control took a firm hold on us.

To all humans and other life forms on this planet, the moon’s influence, along with many other forces, on all natural rhythms, have been well known for eons of time and is available in almost all cultures. It is time to remember its shifting energy, according to its cycles and the signs of the zodiac in which it resides each day, on our bodies, and consider the effects of favorable or unfavorable timing for our daily affairs and activities. Just because science cannot proof it, does not make it less real and true. Mother Nature and all of its visible and invisible beings are always open and ready to teach us, how harmony of all things looks and feels like, no energy is ever wasted, but everything is in flux and changing all of the time.

When we spend time in nature we reconnect with her on a deeper often still unconscious level, she begins to teach and remind us of our soul’s forgotten understanding of harmony in all things. And in these days and months while Mother Earth is balancing herself in order to move into higher dimensions, we, the souls she generously allows to live on her surface, all of us without conditions, are welcomed to move right along with her, to cross the Rainbow Bridge – not to die or disappear, but to live fully and in full awareness of all of Earths and our own divine personal power – in love. It is time to release the hold the Game of Illusions has had on us, as the game has ended and the doors to the past are closed. We have learned what we agreed to learn throughout numerous life times, generations and cultures, and now it is time to move on to the next higher level of experiences. Still, we all are granted Free Will, and therefore no one will force us, no one will order us how to move forward – it is a true do-it-yourself- project this time - we can choose to allow the transition to be easy or difficult, but we cannot choose to go back anymore – all of this was agreed upon long ago and this is the time we all waited for.

Time spent in nature will assist to open your mind to the ancient ways in awareness – all is God/Good

You are an incredible woman, Isa! I feel the connection you have with spirit increasing each day as you continue your journey. I am so glad that our paths have crossed - Mary Gabriel, FL

Interesting perspective, never heard of flower essences. I do admire your calm spirit. You are certainly a most special person - Chad Lewis, CO

Scott told me stories of when he first met you while doing fairs. He said you were one of the few that he would get readings from because you were clear and you told it how it was. He was very impressed with your intuition and gifts - Mary Gabriel, FL

That was a most uplifting reading you gave me and I don't think that I have ever had one as happy and uplifting as that - Linsey Mclean, SD

I remember Isa doing healing sessions on me in Germany more than 16 years ago and never will forget that. It was the best experience ever - Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg, AZ

I felt very relaxed after the healing and slept very very well that night - Linsey McLean, SD

Danke, Isa. Also, thanks for the reading yesterday, wow, is all I can say - Judi Joba, SD

Thank you Isa for being such a wonderful friend and for all you have done! - Sassia, AZ

Hi Isa, thank you for the reading - it was accurate as the situation stands. - Elena

Hello, I had a very happy and uplifting reading that really made my day! - Christine

absolutely wonderful reading - Deanna

I am an energy worker and healer, so I can appreciate her assistance as we all need it regardless of what we do.- Amy

You were right on about the dog. I had no idea - my brother had just thrown that question my way with no explanation. I got the explanation late last night - very much a confirmation of your reading. - Kayte, SD

This was one of the best readings I have ever had! Isa you were on with every thought and feeling i have been having. thank-you so much! I will definitely call back...Jacquie