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Isa Kirk

Soul Gifts from the Future

In this part of our page I intend to post on a monthly base my intuitive writings, my art work and other SOUL GIFTS, that seem to come to the fore front while painting, answering a friends question or while contemplating over a certain subject. The paintings as well as the writings are, as I understand it now, inspired, guided and assisted, channeled you might say, by my gatekeeper St. Germain and Merlin, the Magician and my Future Self Isa

How it all came to my consciousness:

   Throughout the year of 2011, I listening to a number of guided meditation, one of them I had received as a gift in 2010 by my dear friends Molly ad Dorian. During the meditation, my gatekeeper St.Germain and my spirit guides Merlin and Running River regularly accompanied me on my path through the woods or along a stream, plastered with gifts, companions and treasures. During the very first of these meditations I was approached by a female soul, I could not see her face, but she was emanating warm golden light with a rim of red around the edges and felt very gentle and loving. I spontaneously asked if I would be allowed to channel her so the teachings of all that I had learned and now desired to share, would not be tainted by my current fears and ego, opinions and lack of knowledge, and therefore could provide clarity and comfort to all who were seeking out my words and energy healing. The answer was YES.

   Feeling the urge to meditate on a regular base, I so enjoyed being accompanied by guides and messengers, meeting fairies, elves and little people, receiving gifts and finding numerous treasures, but I never encountered that warm hearted female spirit again and I wondered who she might be, so I could give credit to her teachings that seem to come through more and more often when I was writing answers to questions or blogs or working on my latest painting, a vision of Merlin, how he appears in the meditaions to me.

   After a while I noticed that I, towards the end of each meditation, always encountered a light filled doorway. I was encouraged to step through and when I did I saw the bright sunny landscape on the other side, no different from this side, just bathed in brighter colors. I felt so much love, warmth, joy, gratitude and healing there, I longed to stay. But I always felt I was to return and when I did I emerged on this side with my arms full of gifts. I felt  the desire to hand out to the people waiting for my return on the other/this side. Then I was told I could step through the gateway any time and return with more Soul Gifts.

   Just very recently, I came across an article about Earth Keepers and Wisdom Teachers and so on, mentioning among many other interesting things, that many souls, incarnated in these so important times of revelation at the end of the game of Illusions on Earth, and in order to assist the transition and ascension for themselves and others, have felt the strong desire for wisdom and knowledge, enough to call their future selves back in a time loop, similar to a soul walk-in. It was mentioned that this would mostly happen during the time gateway of the 49th and 56th year of their physical life.

   Reading this, a sudden heat wave went through my body and my heart was racing like crazy, some inner cord had been struck with a vengeance. The next morning I woke up with the clear understanding that the female spirit I had encountered in the initial meditation in December of 2010 was no other than my future self who had returned to assist me in the now. It had happened during or after I went through intense cancer treatment in my 49th year in 2006. Looking back I realized how dramatically my understanding of life had suddenly changed, that I had been able to gradually release all my fears, treat myself better, and change so many detrimental habits. My understanding of the impact and creative power of feelings grew exponentially and my awareness reached a completely new level, still growing.... In 2010 I found the courage to take on my initial dreams since early childhood to help people and animals through Tarot Readings, Spiritual Healings and Flower Essences, skills I had acquired and fine-tuned throughout the decades of my life and as I remember now, throughout many life times before, but never had the courage to openly practice, at least not in the last 15 or so years since I came here from Germany.

   Now the time has come and I am very excited to continue this path of healing and serving!



You are an incredible woman, Isa! I feel the connection you have with spirit increasing each day as you continue your journey. I am so glad that our paths have crossed - Mary Gabriel, FL

Interesting perspective, never heard of flower essences. I do admire your calm spirit. You are certainly a most special person - Chad Lewis, CO

Scott told me stories of when he first met you while doing fairs. He said you were one of the few that he would get readings from because you were clear and you told it how it was. He was very impressed with your intuition and gifts - Mary Gabriel, FL

That was a most uplifting reading you gave me and I don't think that I have ever had one as happy and uplifting as that - Linsey Mclean, SD

I remember Isa doing healing sessions on me in Germany more than 16 years ago and never will forget that. It was the best experience ever - Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg, AZ

I felt very relaxed after the healing and slept very very well that night - Linsey McLean, SD

Danke, Isa. Also, thanks for the reading yesterday, wow, is all I can say - Judi Joba, SD

Thank you Isa for being such a wonderful friend and for all you have done! - Sassia, AZ

Hi Isa, thank you for the reading - it was accurate as the situation stands. - Elena

Hello, I had a very happy and uplifting reading that really made my day! - Christine

absolutely wonderful reading - Deanna

I am an energy worker and healer, so I can appreciate her assistance as we all need it regardless of what we do.- Amy

You were right on about the dog. I had no idea - my brother had just thrown that question my way with no explanation. I got the explanation late last night - very much a confirmation of your reading. - Kayte, SD

This was one of the best readings I have ever had! Isa you were on with every thought and feeling i have been having. thank-you so much! I will definitely call back...Jacquie