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Flower Essences direct Clarity and Understanding from your Divine, eternal Soul into your emotional and physical body, assisting greatly with the release of disease and discomfort on our physical, mental and emtional levels. 

The individual blends come in 4 dram dropper bottles with cards the size of business cards, illustrated with my painting of one of the flowers that is part of this particular blend.

Health Talisman are available as personalized essence blend which are tested from 3 kits - Zodiac, Health Talisman and Spiritual Virtues. 

They are also available as Kit in 1/2 oz dropper bottles.

1.- A Kit of 1/2 dropper bottles with all 11 Health Talisman Blends plus 1 ERB (Emergency Relief Blend) is available @ $ 159.00 - Free Shipping

2.- Individual Health Talisman are $9.95 each - FREE Shipping

3.- Your personal Health Talisman Blend @ $14.95 - FREE Shipping

(The tested Flower Essence Kits for your personal blend are: 12 Zodiac, 11 Health Talisman, 12 Spiritual Virtue Blends. Just pick a card/ Health Talisman Blend you would like and pay for the personalized option at $14.95. I will test the remaining blends, add to your bottle and include the short key word list for all blends, marking the ones chosen by/for you)

11 Health Talisman: Addiction - Arthritis & Gout - Broken Heart - Fertility - Heart & Blood - Lungs & Breathing - Migraine - Slow Recovery - Skin & Hair - Stress & Anger - Surgery & Scars

12 Essential Touch Zodiac Blends: Aries - Taurus - Gemini - Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius - Piesces

12 Spiritual Virtue Blends: Courage - Clarity - Grace - Nobility - Authority - Honesty - Vision - Wisdom - Integrity - Truth - Faith - Love

No   Flower Symptom Blocks  Released Energy
Blackeyed Susan
Options 2 and 3


Addictions are anything we cannot exist with our will power alone, even though our mind says we should. 
For example: Habits, Drugs, alcohol, sugar, food, clothes, stuff and clutter 


When we truly belief in the continuous gift of abundance to everyone on this planet and are allowing the universe to provide for us, trusting in our heartfelt vision of an abundant life, we can release anything that is keeping us firmly bound in limitation.
Alsike Clover
Options 2 an 3

Arthritis & Gout

Joint pains, swelling Joint inflexibility, muscular Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, acidic body pH, mental inflexibility

Honest Sweetness

Releasing stuck anger, rage, hatred, and frustrations, long held resentments and constant stress. Honesty is the key word first with ourselves, then with all others around us, being sweet, gentle and compassionate to ourselves

Pink Rose

Options 2 and 3

Broken Heart

From feeling like your heart was broken by an event or person/s to true heart issues, like holes, blockages, arrhythmia, heart burn, chest pain, heart palpitation, shortness of breath.

Life's Beauty

Allowing forgiveness and life change to occur with ease, lightheartedness, strong, regular heart beat, breathing in deeply, seeing the beauty in life and all living things. Expansion of the Solar Plexus and connection to all of creation.


Mariposa Lily

Options 2 and 3


Any symptoms to do with all of the reproductive organs in males and females in all stages of life. Hormonal imbalances included.

Angelic Connection

Sexuality, sensuality and most of all intimacy (into me see) is a vital part of our spiritual evolution in human form. Our connections to the angelic realms bring balance and peace to it. It turns the ego turf wars into unconditional joy and harmony.



Options 2 and 3

Heart & Blood

Any and all heart and blood related diseases and disorders


Following the softly spoken inclinations our heart, our "gut feelings" rather than the loudly whining two-headed dragon of our logical or emotional mind and short sighted, impatient ego, allows for a healthy heart and cleanses the blood.



Options 2 and 3

Lungs & Breathing

Shallow, short breaths, painful breathing, being out of breath a lot, asthma, allergies, any kind of lung disease, sleeplessness.

Goddess Emerging

Breathing reflects our allowance to participate in life, to breath in life itself in its natural rhythms. Balancing the male and female energies of our whole being (body, mind and soul)


Tiger Lily

Options 2 and 3


Migraine, head aches, pressure on eyes, light and noise sensitivity, scalp and hair base pains, over thinking everything, multi tasking, mental overwhelm. 

The Gifted Child

Allowing the mental chatter to ease off and individual thoughts to be processed. Focus on overall healthy living with plenty of mental and physical breaks throughout the day. Allowing isolated talents, that have been suppressed or exploited to be balanced. Increasing the connections of left and right brain.


Wild Prairie Rose

Options 2 and 3

Slow Recovery

Stubborn-to-release disharmony are originally emotional energies that were not allowed to move on and out of our energy field. After a while they tend to create reoccurring discomforts. The body in general is highly acidic during that stage, the person constantly stressed.


Like everything following natural rhythmic patterns and bio-rhythms, recovery can be an emotional and physical roller coaster, but moving energies, pains and emotions indicate healing. Never give up yet without going to war with yourself or the disease. Shedding tears is essential as they carry the stuck energy lumps out of the body.


Dame's Rocket

Options 2 and 3

Skin & Hair

Any and all expressions of disorders and discomforts in skin and hair, such as cancer, eczema, shingles, scars, dry skin, discolorations, thinning and dull hair etc.

Emotional Healing

Emotional imbalance, due to stress and/or organ related issues are often "readable" on the biggest organ, the skin and hair.Recognizing and look at the underlying fears will release the stress instantly, but sometimes they are deeply buried in our sub conscious mind and ancient memories and have to be gently brought to the surface first.


Wild Blue Flax

Options 2 and 3

Stress & Anger

Acidic body pH due to stress as well as causing stress. Unacknowledged fears, hormonal imbalance, wandering pains and aches, mental and physical exhaustion, the need to defend or excuse oneself.


Compassion first and most of all with oneself and then with others leads to a calmer, more relaxed approach of situations that life presents us with. We agreed to call the gifts of evolution and spiritual growth into our life, may they look like gifts or curses, both are essential. The way we handle them makes life easy or difficult, stressful or stress free.



Bush Morning Glory

Options 2 and 3

Surgery & Scars

Any surgeries, planned or unplanned, related complications and side effects, old and new scars, internal or external, physical, emotional or mental.


Preparation for surgeries, healing the internal and external scars afterwards, closing old painful chapters and emotional wounds. Releasing stuck energies, removing twisted mental memories, forgiving the dramas.

You are an incredible woman, Isa! I feel the connection you have with spirit increasing each day as you continue your journey. I am so glad that our paths have crossed - Mary Gabriel, FL

Interesting perspective, never heard of flower essences. I do admire your calm spirit. You are certainly a most special person - Chad Lewis, CO

Scott told me stories of when he first met you while doing fairs. He said you were one of the few that he would get readings from because you were clear and you told it how it was. He was very impressed with your intuition and gifts - Mary Gabriel, FL

That was a most uplifting reading you gave me and I don't think that I have ever had one as happy and uplifting as that - Linsey Mclean, SD

I remember Isa doing healing sessions on me in Germany more than 16 years ago and never will forget that. It was the best experience ever - Sassia Niederste-Hollenberg, AZ

I felt very relaxed after the healing and slept very very well that night - Linsey McLean, SD

Danke, Isa. Also, thanks for the reading yesterday, wow, is all I can say - Judi Joba, SD

Thank you Isa for being such a wonderful friend and for all you have done! - Sassia, AZ

Hi Isa, thank you for the reading - it was accurate as the situation stands. - Elena

Hello, I had a very happy and uplifting reading that really made my day! - Christine

absolutely wonderful reading - Deanna

I am an energy worker and healer, so I can appreciate her assistance as we all need it regardless of what we do.- Amy

You were right on about the dog. I had no idea - my brother had just thrown that question my way with no explanation. I got the explanation late last night - very much a confirmation of your reading. - Kayte, SD

This was one of the best readings I have ever had! Isa you were on with every thought and feeling i have been having. thank-you so much! I will definitely call back...Jacquie